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Sara Vatore- Nervous System Regulation and Healing

Sara Vatore, M.Ed, BCC, SEP is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, MELT Method Instructor, Nia Instructor and Peak Performance Coach. Offering one-on-one virtual Somatic Experiencing Sessions, Somatic Integration Healing Sessions, Peak Performance Sessions and MELT Method Sessions.

Through her understanding of the nervous system and the body and her deep desire and passion to guide others to reconnect to the Earth Wisdom and to the wisdom of our unique organism/body, Sara helps her clients understand how to find and feel safety in their own bodies at the biological level, build capacity and resiliency in their systems, to find healing at the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic levels, to more dynamically and easily negotiate life challenges, overcome fears and blocks and rewire old programing.

Setting aside the time and space for your healing, provides a container to sense into, process and digest the overload of information, energy and emotions that we are experiencing on a daily basis. Rediscover your center, stillness and truth in the midst of the unfolding.

Session time can be used for a variety of your healing needs including strengthening your immune system, regulating your nervous system, learning tools to navigate feeling stressed, discovering resources to help differentiate your own energy from everyone else around you (family, news, friends, the collective), expanding your body's capacity, accessing intuition, faith and knowing about current situations, processing and digesting emotions, finding safety in your body, uncovering and expanding into coherence in your body, ritual guidance and support, support for developing other personal practices, learning and practicing the MELT method, having someone simply hold space for your process and much more.
Message from Sara:
Right now we need more support than ever from each other. This is an unknown time. It is okay if we feel like we don't know what we are doing. That is normal! When something so big is happening it is important that we be with the emotions that surface. As mammals, we are wired to connect with one another and find strength in support.
Due to COVID-19 all of my sessions have been moved to a sliding scale. This offer is extended to everyone across the board-current clients, past clients who would like more sessions and any new clients. What you pay for the exchange of the session is entirely determined on what makes the most sense for you financially right now, while still honoring the services. It is a very unusual time and having support can make a huge difference in your system's capacity to be in the unfolding. If you feel in need of services, please reach out and we can make something work. If you think my services may be beneficial to someone you know, please feel free to pass on this resource.
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