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Ladybug Body-Mind Healing

Hello and welcome to Ladybug Body-Mind Healing. I bring a holistic, blended approach to therapy and healing designed to address issues at the source. This allows for deeper and long lasting results, and can be applied to a wide range of issues from anxiety to chronic illness and pain.

At Ladybug Body-Mind Healing, sessions are an opportunity to shed what no longer serves us while being fully supported though the process. Health and wellness can be restored and future ailments averted as we free ourselves from what's holding us back and create a more positive mindset and a kinder, gentler internal environment.

At times like these we need more support than ever! At the core of my practice is the strongly held belief that suffering is a universal experience which, when approached mindfully and with compassion can provide us with the opportunity for growth and healing. Now more than ever, I strive to help people to see this opportunity for growth whether created by past difficulties, or by our current crisis. By working together in a collaborative and gentle way, we transform negative experiences of the past into positive transformation and development and a stronger connection to oneself.

My services include a blend of body-focused/somatic talk therapy, solution focused life coaching, powerful hypnotherapy, profound and thought provoking spiritual readings, and the re-balancing and clearing of stagnant energy with subtle yet highly effective energy medicine that leaves one feeling more relaxed, freer and lighter as we shed the energy of the past.

My name is Leslie Gould-Barkman and I am an integrative therapist, a clinical hypnotherapist, and a former massage therapist. I hold a Master of Social Work degree and I am a certified Spiritual Intuitive & Healer and Transformational Life Coach with 15 years in the wellness field.

For more information about my practice please visit or contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.


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