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Celestial Hearts Hearts in Nature

Celestial Hearts Hearts in Nature with AaronKaren is an Energy Light Healing and Divination center.  Aaronkaren are currently open for Long Distance, phone, and Video chat sessions.  We offer Lemurian Light, Reiki of Atlantis, Sound Bath Vibrational Alignments and Shamanic Journey Guided Meditation Healing sessions. AaronKAREN are Master Reiki practitioners and teachers.  Along with your Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides, we help you open a direct connection to your Guiding Spirits.  To assist you on receiving the healing and messages you look for,  AaronKaren uses a wide range of tools.  These tools include Himalayan Singing Bowls, shakers, drums, chimes, crystals and heart stones, tarot cards, Oracle cards, playing cards, numerology dice, Runes, dream and synchronicity interpretation. AaronKAREN will help you open, explore, and strengthen your spiritual awareness and directly communicate with your Spirit Guides.  We also offer Reiki Attunements and Ascensions.


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    Aaron Mott

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    8:00am - 11:00pm

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