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AAffordable Auto Services

We are staying open to keep your vehicles on the road or water. We offer auto, truck repairs, boat and lawn equipment repairs.

During the covid-19 outbreak hours will be from 3 pm > 9 pm. Cars can be dropped off for service and picked up later or next day. Payments by credit card or debit card is proffered but cash is accepted in a plastic baggy.

All vehicles will be wiped down with anti viral wipes.  keys will be disinfected.

Lawn equipment can be picked up and delivered as needed.


  • My business is

    Open for customers in store.

  • Contact Name

    Ross Gardner

  • Business Hours

    3 pm > 9 pm Monday > Friday

  • My Business Has Gift Cards Available for Purchase


  • If yes, how can people purchase gift cards from your business?

    Only Phone

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